Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Painting again

Well. It did not seem two years and some odd months since I last painted a miniature, but going back over my blog the last time I posted a picture of my painting was October 2014. Huh go figure.

Here is what I have just completed, thanks to Bolter and Chainsword providing the incentive to get off my butt and paint.Here

5 Neophytes of the Dorns Wolves Chapter

Back view, the smell something maybe?
Wait whats that?

Look lads, I have a sword.

Pshhh Swords.

Anyway this is the start of painting marines I have had for nearly 20 years.


Saturday, 21 January 2017

A new direction.

Time to take this blog of mine in a different direction, over the last year I have been out of gaming more or less. But it seems lately I have started again. The surprising turn is that it is 40K that is holding my attention. I will admit it did surprise me. I wonder if it will hold it long enough to collect and paint an army.

Time will tell.


Thursday, 9 June 2016

My last warhammer 8th edition army list.

This was the last list that I played using 8th edition warhammer, I have dedided to put it up for future reference when I start playing Ninth Age and possible Kings of War as well.

Vampire Lord- W'Sorchai
Lv4 - lore of vampires
Talisman of preservation, Black periapt
Great weapon, Heavy Armour
Quickblood, Flying horror, Aura of Dark Majesty

1 Necro - lv 1 death
Cursed book

-lv2 vamps
heavy, nightmare, lance, shield,
dragon helm, book of arkhan, Seed of rebirth, potion of full hardiness

1 Tomb Banshee

36 skeletons- fc -banner of swiftness

20 Zombies- banner, muso

2 x 5 dire wolves

10 dire wolves inc doom wolf

16 ghouls

2 x 1 spirit host

2 Fellbats

10 Black knights
-barding, lances
fc- banner of barrows

Mortis Engine

4 blood knights- standard -gleaming pennant


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Zombie unit fillers to make my army pop, and wheez and shamble.

With my renewed interest in gaming and the likelihood of 9th Age being my go to game, I have decided to reinvent what is left of my Warhammer 6th edition  Vampire counts and re-purpose it for use in the Ninth Age.

In an effort to provide some dramatic eye candy for my army, I want to make and add unit fillers for my zombie regiments I am planning on three fillers, and then add these types of fillers to the rest of my army for cohesion and theme.

Ideas at this stage include
  • Tomb stones and weeds, trees stuff, fences and zombies.
  • Make zombies out of vermin swarm, humans and dwarfs.
  • Fighting vermin in my units may add to the overall feel in my army.
  • Fillers with vermin and undead with a fair amount of positional fun.

That is about all for now.



Whats new at the Zoo

Well it has been a while since I posted here, so what is new?

Well I have started attending uni and so no longer work. woot poor ftw.

After finishing my first semester I am starting to think about what if anything I will be playing with my soon to be free time, once house work, gardening and parenting allows it of course.

An low 9th Age is released and already i am more interested in it, then any other game in the last year since the demise of Warhammer fantasy.

So i am currently looking at making an Undead lists, Vamps probably. stay tuned.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Battletech Kickstarter

Hello all,

The rumors of my demise are sadly over rated.

I thought i would add my voice to the chorus and share the new Battle Tech pc game on Kickstarter.
I have already pledged my funding with this game universe and The Free Worlds League( House Orloff) in particular being my favorite.

See below link

This news may actually kick start (pardon the pun) my blog and indeed my hobby juices.

Ramble finished.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Blog's Future content.

I am not sure what the community will do in regards to Warhammer 8th edition and Age of Sigmar, but for my part I plan on continue working on my 8th edition Vampire counts and Wood elves army's both the figures and the fluff, i have around 30 ish draft posts that i have been working on and i still intend to finish them off.

Warhamer Fantasy has been part of my gaming life for 25 years and I am not willing to give it up yet, whilst Age of Sigmar could be a good beer and chips game, I prefer my fantasy armies to have big formed up battalions and Magic, if in the future a different game peaks my interest it may well  fill the void of Warhammer Fantasy, only time will tell of course.

So hopefully i will have content of interest in the coming months, stay tuned.