Sunday, 23 April 2017

Neophyte Training

As with much of Dorn's Wolves there is structure and reason to the training of the chapters neophytes.
Once an aspirant has passed his trials he is blessed with the chapters sacred gene seed and enters into the 10th company as a neophyte of the chapter. Issued with a bolt pistol and combat blade that will be his for the rest of his service.

The 10th company has a hierarchy with its neophytes that is tried and true, it is outlined below and takes the codex one step further..

When a neophyte first enters the 10th company, he is assigned to a squad sergeant, who will teach him and his squad mates the ways of the the sniper, the methods of stealth and precision kills.

If he survives his training, for survival is not assured he will then leave his squad mates and advance. Joining another squad and sergeant to learn the ways of the close kill, it is at this time that his bolt pistol and combat blade are the only weapons he will use.

Those that survive this stage are then allowed to use shotguns to learn the art of mid ranged fire support, only once their sergeant is satisfied they know thier craft are they thenissued with a boltgun.

Those neophytes that are equipped with boltguns are at the final stage of their training, awaiting only the Master of recruits to give his approval for advancement into the 9th company.

Perhaps six and maybe if talented or lucky seven of those that started training in the 10th company survive to join the ranks of full battle brother and advance to the 9th company.

Wolves of Dorn marine colours.

Thanks to the valuable resource over at Bolter and Chainsword Here. I have been able to make these colour guides for my Chapter.
Neophyte of the 10th Company.
Battle Brother of the 6th Company

To honour the Imperial Fists whose gene seed they use, sergeants have a yellow helm.

Brother Sergeant of the 6th Company

Veteran brothers follow codex dictates and have a white helm.
Veteran Brother of the 6th Company

 Veteran sergeant have a yellow helm, with white face plate.
Veteran Sergeant of the 6th Company
 Cheers Lupus

Thursday, 13 April 2017

1250 point CAD list of Dorns Wolves

In an effort to kick start myself to spend some time on hobby related goodness, I have entered a 1250 point 40K tournament at my LGS.

I thought I would share my list, with a view to having the army assembled for the event in two weeks.

My home grown chapter uses Imperial Fist chapter tactics.


Captain                                                                         Librarian
artificer armour, storm bolter, relic blade                    lv2, bones of osrak, force axe.
140pts                                                                          115pts


10 tactical marines                                                      5 scouts
rhino, flamer, combi flamer, heavy bolter                  1ccw, 4 shotguns
200pts                                                                         55pts

5 tactical marines                                                       5 tactical marines
plasma, combi plasma                                               rhino, melta, combi melta
95pts                                                                          125pts


Dreadnought                                                              Command Squad
Multimelta, powerfist, storm bolter extra armour     Sargent- power axe, boltpistol
110pts                                                                        Champion- Power weapon, combat shield
                                                                                   2 vets- Storm shield, bolt pistol, chainsword                                                                                            Apothecary
Fast Attack

5 assault marines
jumpacks, 1 flamer

Heavy support
5 devastators
4 missile launchers

So as an army i have anti tank, anti horde, but no anti air which is okay at the second.
3 rhinos.
1 dreadnought
42 sets of boots on the ground. will see how we go.
Cheers Lupus

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Marine colours of Dorn's Wolves

Well it seemed fitting I should post some of my marines, I have painted along with my recipe of colours, so that I do not forget them. As usual they are not based.

Power armour marine

Power armour
Tamiya dull red spray
Layer- Scab Red
Wash- Devlan Mud
Highlight-  Scab Red

Shoulder pads Power armour
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Chaos Black
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Chaos Black

Shoulder pads Power armour company edging
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Macharius solar orange
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Macharius solar orange

Scout marine

Carapace armour
Tamiya dull red spray
Layer- Scab Red
Wash- Devlan Mud
Highlight-  Scab Red

Shoulder pads carapace armour
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Chaos Black
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Chaos Black
Edging Adeptus battlegrey

Scout fabric legs
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Rakarth flesh
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Rakarth flesh

Scout flesh
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Talarn flesh
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Talarn flesh

Scout hair- 2 different hair colours.
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Rakarth flesh or Dheneb Stone
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Rakarth flesh or Dheneb Stone

Both use

Power armour gems, eye lenses and Scout scopes and cables
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Mechrite Red 
Wash of Devlan Mud

Highlight 1 of Mechrite Red
Highlight 2 Macharius solar orange
Highlight 1 of Iyanden darksun

Chest eagle
Tamiya dull red spray
Basecoat of Bleached Bone
Wash- Devlan Mud
Highlight -  Bleached Bone

Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Calthan Brown
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight Calthan Brown

Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Brass Balls (P3 Formula)
Wash of Devlan Mud 
Highlight Brass Balls

Weapon detail ranged,  CC  and shotgun shells.
Tamiya dull red spray
Base coat Hormagaunt Purple 
Wash of Devlan Mud
Highlight of Hormagaunt Purple

Kjarl Grimbloods Space wolf decal as chapter insignia

Well that is it for me, more to come at a later date.

Cheers Lupus

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Painting again

Well. It did not seem two years and some odd months since I last painted a miniature, but going back over my blog the last time I posted a picture of my painting was October 2014. Huh go figure.

Here is what I have just completed, thanks to Bolter and Chainsword providing the incentive to get off my butt and paint.Here

5 Neophytes of the Dorns Wolves Chapter

Back view, the smell something maybe?
Wait whats that?

Look lads, I have a sword.

Pshhh Swords.

Anyway this is the start of painting marines I have had for nearly 20 years.


Saturday, 21 January 2017

A new direction.

Time to take this blog of mine in a different direction, over the last year I have been out of gaming more or less. But it seems lately I have started again. The surprising turn is that it is 40K that is holding my attention. I will admit it did surprise me. I wonder if it will hold it long enough to collect and paint an army.

Time will tell.


Thursday, 9 June 2016

My last warhammer 8th edition army list.

This was the last list that I played using 8th edition warhammer, I have dedided to put it up for future reference when I start playing Ninth Age and possible Kings of War as well.

Vampire Lord- W'Sorchai
Lv4 - lore of vampires
Talisman of preservation, Black periapt
Great weapon, Heavy Armour
Quickblood, Flying horror, Aura of Dark Majesty

1 Necro - lv 1 death
Cursed book

-lv2 vamps
heavy, nightmare, lance, shield,
dragon helm, book of arkhan, Seed of rebirth, potion of full hardiness

1 Tomb Banshee

36 skeletons- fc -banner of swiftness

20 Zombies- banner, muso

2 x 5 dire wolves

10 dire wolves inc doom wolf

16 ghouls

2 x 1 spirit host

2 Fellbats

10 Black knights
-barding, lances
fc- banner of barrows

Mortis Engine

4 blood knights- standard -gleaming pennant